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DUI Laws in St Petersburg Florida & Your Defense

A DUI can happen when you least expect it.  The state of Florida classifies a DUI as driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08, but many people don’t know how much they can drink before they reach the legal limit.  In fact, simply having a few glasses of wine at dinner can lead to unexpected red and blue lights in your rear view mirror.

If you have recently been arrested and charged with a DUI, it’s important to remember that a DUI arrest is not a conviction, and there is still time to take the necessary steps to alter the outcome of the case and potentially prevent it from staying on your record.  The attorneys at Khonsari Law Group’s #1 priority is to clear your name, and they we will work diligently with you to make sure we do everything within our power to keep your DUI charge off your record.

Florida law defines a DUI as driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages, chemical substances or controlled substances, and states that is proved by impairment of normal faculties or unlawful blood alcohol or breath alcohol level of .08 or above. Most DUI’s are determined by breathalyzer tests, which measure your breath alcohol level.

Florida law requires you to take a breath test, and if you refuse this test, your license could potentially be suspended for one year. However, when you take the breath test, the officer is required to follow the proper procedures. Failing to do so can cause inaccuracies in the results, putting the entire test into question, which could lead to better results in your case.

DUI laws are very intricate, and someone charged with a DUI needs a DUI defense lawyer who has experience in this particular field. Mr. Khonsari, recognized in the past as a top DUI prosecutor, not only has the knowledge and experience in the defense of DUI cases, but also knows what the prosecutors are looking for in establishing their case.

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Common Defenses Against St Petersurg DUI Charges

An inaccurate breathalyzer test is just one of the many ways to defend against a DUI conviction.  Other potential defenses include:

– An Illegal Traffic Stop – Lack of Probable Cause for Arrest – Lack of proof of impairment

St Petersburg Florida DUI Penalties & Fines

If convicted of a DUI, the punishments and penalties vary drastically depending on the number of past DUI convictions.

OffenseJail TimeFines & PenaltiesLicense Suspension
1st Offense6 to 9 months$500 to $2000180 days to 1 year
2nd Offense9 months to 1 year$1000 to $4000Up to 5 years
3rd OffenseUp to 1 year$2000 to $5000Up to 10 years

A judge also must require the following by Florida DUI statutes if convicted:

– DUI school and any recommended follow-up alcohol treatment or counseling – A minimum 50 hours of mandatory, court required community service – Victim impact panel class – Possible installment of an ignition interlock device

In addition to the fines and penalties of a DUI conviction, you can also expect a minimum of a 10-day vehicle immobilization or impoundment (unless your family has no other means of transportation), increased insurance costs, and a criminal record, which can limit job opportunities.

What is DUI Manslaughter?

If your DUI charge occurred during a motor vehicle accident where someone was killed, you may be facing a DUI Manslaughter charge. There are various types of DUI Manslaughter charges with varying consequences including imprisonment, steep fines, loss of driving privileges, and more. Learn more about DUI Manslaughter and how the KLG team can help defend your rights against this serious accusation.

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If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI, it’s important that they elicit the help of an experienced DUI criminal attorney because your freedom is at stake.  A DUI arrest is especially daunting in that a conviction can directly impact your day to day life, as well as add a criminal conviction to your record. Attorney Rohom Khonsari is an experienced former prosecutor who understands how the Florida court system works and how to handle DMV administrative proceedings. You don’t have to live in fear of a DUI conviction, Contact our office in St. Petersburg, Florida today for a free legal consultation with our experienced DUI lawyers.

“I received a DUI charge and knew I was in trouble. With 2 young children, a family, and my reputation on the line, my sister advised me to find a great lawyer. A friend recommended Mr. Khonsari. Both my sister and I without question knew Mr. Khonsari was not your average lawyer. He explained everything to me clearly, always answered my questions, and was available whenever I needed. The stress and worry at times was unbearable, but Mr. Khonsari assured me not to worry. Ultimately I received a DUI sentence, but Mr. Khonsari protected my assets, negotiated no jail time, and ultimately made a horrible situation I created have a positive outcome. He treated me with dignity and showed a lot of compassion. Mr. Khonsari is truly one of those few lawyers that cares about his clients. He knows the law and won’t let anything slip through the cracks. Worth every cent!” S.V.

Featured Testimonial

“When I first met Rohom, my life was nearly over. I was facing a lengthy prison sentence for DUI manslaughter, in addition to, multiple misdemeanor and felony charges all stemming from a DUI. Rohom’s hard work, attentiveness to minute details, and dedication put towards to my case resulted in an avoidance of any jail or prison time, as well as, any felony convictions. I retained Rohom to represent me after getting charged with a DUI. This DUI charge resulted in a violation of my original felony probation. After previously having a favorable outcome in a prior case, I knew Rohom would be the only one that could successfully get me out of the bind I was in. He has a no-frills approach, which is evident in court. He walked me through every scenario possible in both of the individual cases and assured me that we would get though the process together. He always made time to answer any questions or concerns I had. While I was incarcerated waiting to go to court, he continued vigorously to fight for my freedom while keeping me informed and updated on what was happening. Yet again, Rohom came through. His knowledge of the legal system and his dedication to my case allowed me to avoid a lengthy prison sentence, my felony probation was reinstated, and my DUI was resolved.”

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