How Can I Defend against a DUI Manslaughter Charge?

If you are found guilty or convicted of DUI manslaughter in the State of Florida, you can be subject to serious criminal fines, prison time, and other penalties. However, there are several legal defenses to a DUI manslaughter charge that may be available to exonerate you. A DUI manslaughter charge is serious business, and time […]

What Are the Different Types of Theft Charges in Florida?

Under Florida law, theft is an umbrella term that is used to describe a variety of separate crimes. Theft crimes always involve some sort of property. In Florida, theft crimes include stealing, larceny, conversion, and misappropriation of property. In order to prove that someone committed theft, the prosecution has the burden of proof. If you […]

How Does Criminal Probation Work?

In a nutshell, criminal probation is a type of community supervision that a judge or court imposes as an alternative to jail time and other penalties. Probation is available for misdemeanor charges and convictions, as well as many felonies. During the probationary period, a criminal defendant is expected to abide by certain terms and conditions. […]

How Does Voluntary Manslaughter Differ From Involuntary Manslaughter?

Under Florida law, the primary difference between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter largely revolves around the element of intent. Although both types of manslaughter are viewed as one under the Florida criminal statutes, whether the crime is viewed as voluntary or involuntary manslaughter can make a serious difference when it comes to a judge’s sentencing decision. […]

What is Probable Cause in Florida?

Probable cause has a very precise meaning under the law. If a judge issues a warrant, such as a search warrant, he or she must make the initial determination as to whether probable cause for the search exists. However, when a police officer is the one making the probable cause determination at a traffic stop […]

What Should I do if I am Pulled Over on the July 4 Holiday?

Seeing the flashing red and blue lights of a police car in your rearview mirror is never a pleasant experience for anyone—especially over the holidays. With the increased amount of traffic on St. Petersburg roads leading up to the Fourth of July, you can be sure that many police officers will be out and about. […]

Miranda Rights and Juveniles: An Overview

Most people are familiar with the term “Miranda rights.” If you’ve ever watched a crime drama on television, it’s likely that you’ve heard this term. While it’s one thing to see a fictional scenario in which an actor reads the Miranda warning to another person who is playing a suspect, there’s a good chance that […]

What to Look for in a St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you start to think about the type of attorney you will need to work with on a criminal defense case, it’s easy to recognize they will need a different skill set than, for example, an attorney who can help you get your workers’ compensation benefits. Criminal defense lawyers typically will practice in a small […]

Boating in Florida While Intoxicated Is a Crime

As summer quickly approaches, you’ll start to notice more people out in boats enjoying their weekends on the water. Boating is a popular recreational sport in Florida, and with a seemingly endless number of beautiful beaches to choose from, it’s not hard to see why. While relaxing on the water may seem like a perfect […]

Celebrate Your Freedom By Staying Out of Jail on July 4

Across the entire country, the Fourth of July holiday is marked with celebration. Communities gather together to watch fireworks in the park, friends and family host backyard barbecues, and there is a general sense of pride in celebrating Independence Day in the United States. Unfortunately, with large group celebrations that often include alcohol, the possibility […]

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