Boating While Intoxicated in St. Petersburg

Boating While Intoxicated in St. Petersburg Boating is a favorite pastime of many people in the St. Petersburg area. Although most boaters are safe, in some situations boating can result in serious injuries. One of the most dangerous occurs whenever individuals operate a boat while intoxicated. Consequences for Boating While Intoxicated It is, of course, […]

Weapons Offenses in Florida

Weapons Offenses in Florida According to the Centers for Disease Control, Florida recorded 2559 firearm-related deaths in 2016. Florida, a state that is known for being tough on crime, continues to face problems stemming from gun and weapons violence. Weapons offenses in Florida can range from misdemeanors to felonies. A conviction for a weapons offense […]

Have You Been Falsely Accused of Sexual Misconduct?

Have You Been Falsely Accused of Sexual Misconduct? Recent major news networks have focused on the growing allegations of sexual assault committed by men in power. Despite the growing attention drawn to this behavior, there are still approximately 321,500 cases of sexual assault in the United States each year. Sexual assault is a serious crime […]

The Death Penalty in Florida

The Death Penalty in Florida One of the most controversial topics in the United States is the use of the death penalty. The death penalty, which is also known as capital punishment, is the most severe criminal punishment. And despite the controversy surrounding the death penalty, it remains in use in Florida. In Florida, individuals […]

Minors Facing Criminal Charges

Minors Facing Criminal Charges Minors—those who are under the age of 18—think differently than adults, and that difference is not always recognized by the criminal justice system. These differences in thinking occur because minors’ brains are still developing. As a result, minors often make decisions and handle situations in a manner opposite of what is […]

White Collar Crime Basics

White Collar Crime Basics The term “white collar crime” is more of a widely acknowledged phrase given to the classification of crime than an actual legal definition. White collar crimes are inherently nonviolent crimes and involve either fraud or dishonesty. The nature of these crimes is financial as opposed to more “violent” crimes such as […]

Can Police Stop You Whenever They Want?

Can Police Stop You Whenever They Want? One area of confusion for many Floridians is that of police stops. Many Floridians are unaware as to exactly when they may be stopped, questioned, or searched by police. Because of this confusion, many ask, “Just when can a police officer stop me?” A police officer is not […]

How Losing Your License Can Affect You

How Losing Your License Can Affect You Losing your license can have a negative impact on your ability to work, to develop your career, and with other aspects of your life. While it is important to remain proactive in avoiding behavior that may compromise your ability to maintain your license, mistakes are sometimes made. How […]

Is Marijuana Possession Still a Crime?

Is Marijuana Possession Still a Crime? Marijuana laws are changing in several states across the country. As laws change, it is not unusual to become confused with how marijuana laws impact you. According to federal law and the Controlled Substance Act, marijuana possession is illegal. Some states, however, have passed laws that make the recreational […]

What Is a Bail Hearing?

What Is a Bail Hearing? The right to bail is a critical, early step in the majority of criminal proceedings. Under Florida law, an individual arrested for a crime can apply to be released on bail, also known as a pre-trial release. The vast majority of criminal defendants are released on bail. In order for […]