Penalties for Identity Theft in Florida

Penalties for Identity Theft in Florida Identity theft can result in financial devastation for victims, and for this reason, Florida law criminalizes and imposes severe penalties for several different forms of identity theft. The most important are: Criminal use of personal identification information. A person who commits this crime possesses someone’s personal identification without authorization […]

What to Do if You’re Accused of Shoplifting over the Holidays?

What to Do if You’re Accused of Shoplifting over the Holidays? During the busy holiday season, store owners will look out for shoplifting. It’s not beyond possibility that a merchant might confront you, either in the store or in the parking lot, and accuse you of stealing. Here’s how to protect yourself: Don’t Fight Even […]

Common Fourth Amendment Violations in Drug Cases

So the police caught you with illegal drugs in your possession. Now what? Although the police might pressure you to confess, you should instead carefully analyze whether police legally conducted the drug bust. Fortunately, the U.S. Constitution puts strict limits on how police can investigate potential drug crimes. If you are charged with drug possession, […]

Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law: An Overview

The killing of Trayvon Martin shined a spotlight on Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. This poorly understood 2005 law seems here to stay. If you’ve defended yourself using force, then you’ll need to know how the law can possibly protect you from prosecution. The Old Self-Defense Law United States common law is the set of […]

What Are the Penalties for the Possession of Opioids in Florida?

Opioids are powerful drugs that contain opium or its derivatives and are used in medicine for the purpose of inducing sleep and relieving pain. Florida law regulates and criminalizes possession of certain narcotics and pharmaceutical drugs obtained without prescriptions, and the law generally refers to them as controlled substances. Illegal drug possession is a serious […]

How Long Can the Police Keep You in Jail after an Arrest?

How Long Can the Police Keep You in Jail After an Arrest? Once you’re arrested, you’re probably anxious for release. After all, meeting with an attorney, finding witnesses, piecing together your alibi, and generally building a defense is much harder when you’re sitting in jail. Fortunately, Florida can’t keep you in custody too long after […]

Florida Domestic Violence FAQ

Domestic violence is one of the most serious criminal charges a defendant can face in Florida— and other related charges usually accompany them. If you were charged with domestic violence in Florida, you have legal rights and defenses available to you. The St. Petersburg criminal defense attorneys at Khonsari Law Group can discuss the facts […]

How A Criminal Conviction Can Cost Your Job

A Criminal Conviction Can Cost Your Job A criminal conviction can really mess up your life beyond any fines and jail time. You can find getting an apartment difficult, and you might lose your right to vote or own a firearm, depending on the offense. Equally important, you might lose your job. For these reasons, […]

Can a Plea Bargain Avoid a Conviction in a Florida DUI?

In many Florida DUI cases, the state attorney may offer a plea deal that may include a period of probation or community service. By agreeing to a plea deal with the prosecutor, you avoid more serious penalties by pleading guilty to your charge and giving up certain rights in your case—including your appeal rights. Because […]

What if I Wasn’t Read My Rights After My Arrest?

In the federal case of Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966), the Supreme Court of the United States held that statements made in response to police questioning are only admissible if the accused is first notified of the right to consult with an attorney before and during questioning. The purpose of Miranda warnings, therefore, […]