You Have the Right to Remain Silent: Your Miranda Rights

You have probably heard this many times on TV crime dramas: “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…” Yes, these are the words spoken by a police officer to a suspect who has been placed under arrest, otherwise known as […]

Is Asking for a Lawyer an Indication of Guilt?

Under both the Florida Constitution and the Constitution of the United States (specifically the Fifth Amendment), a person may not be compelled to testify as a witness against himself in a criminal interrogation or prosecution. This is called the Fifth Amendment Right against Self-Incrimination. Moreover, a suspect’s request for counsel in response to law enforcement […]

The Heat of Passion: Mitigating Murder to Manslaughter

Murder is the most serious criminal charge you can sustain in the State of Florida, and the possible penalties upon conviction include long periods of incarceration and heavy fines. These penalties may be lessened considerably if you are able to plead your murder charge(s) down to a manslaughter charge. If you have been charged with […]

Background Check Got You Worried?

Plenty of people are looking for new jobs and better opportunities. But the prospect of new employment may also include the concern and hesitation of a background check. More than ever, employers are requesting background checks prior to employment. And with greater access to public records and databases via the internet, background check companies are […]

What Is Embezzlement?

Florida property crimes all fall under the umbrella of theft offenses. Under the Florida criminal statute, theft is defined as the unauthorized taking or use of another person’s property, with the intent of depriving that person of the property on either a temporary or permanent basis. Embezzlement is one type of theft offense under Florida […]

The Bright White Line of White Collar Crime: Money Laundering

Money laundering dates back as early as 2000 BCE; people have always felt the frustration of seeing hard-earned dollars go to kings and queens or governments as taxes. So it’s not surprising that people have been trying to avoid paying taxes for centuries. What has advanced money laundering in this era of technology is the […]

Problems with Prescription Medication Are Skyrocketing

The epidemic of opiate abuse is rampant in the United States, and no corner of society has been left untouched. Opiate medications come in many different forms: codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, Norco, Vicodin, Lortab, Dilaudid, and Demerol are some of the most common. While many people are prescribed the medications after serious accidents or surgeries, the […]

Venus Williams and Vehicular Homicide

It’s Wimbledon season! But unfortunately, this year’s tennis whites have been soiled by the upsetting and unfortunate case of champion tennis player Venus Williams and the car accident that caused the death of an elderly gentleman. Under Florida law, a person can be convicted of vehicular homicide if he causes the death of another while […]

Did You Violate Your Probation?

Under Florida law, violating one’s criminal probation can come with very serious penalties and consequences. It is also important to note that in probation violation cases, the State—or the prosecution—has a much lower burden of proof than in other criminal cases, and there are fewer procedural hurdles and constitutional restrictions to overcome in a violation […]

Foreign Nationals Need to Think Twice About Accepting a Plea Agreement

Plea deals are sometimes a way for both sides—the defendant and the prosecution—to resolve a criminal case in a way that avoids the uncertainties involved with taking a case to trial. However, if you are an immigrant, a plea bargain—or a plea deal—may end up being a worse deal than it appears to be. It […]