See Spot Bite: Can You Be a Criminal for Your Dog’s Crimes?

Your dog, Spot, is peacefully playing ball with you at the park. Suddenly, a young man playing disc golf runs across his path, and Spot chases the man and bites him. Spot is normally a very gentle dog. Are you liable for such a bite? What about if the man was harassing Spot? What if […]

The Freshman…Five? Fake IDs and Real Prison

You just turned 18, and you are so excited that you finally received your first fake identification card. You walk up to a nightclub and bar. Your friends go in ahead, but when it is your turn, the bouncer at the door looks at your identification card and then at you. He asks you, “Is […]

This Isn’t Baseball: Hit and Run Crimes in Florida

Imagine this scenario. You are alone on a quiet road out in the country, and it is late at night. Suddenly, a deer crosses the road. You swerve into the oncoming traffic lane to avoid it, but a car is coming the other way right at that moment, and you crash. Your car does not […]

Florida Bail Bonds Process

If you are arrested for a crime in the state of Florida, you or your family may have to deal with a company in the business of issuing bail bonds. The purpose of bail bonds are to allow a person charged with a crime to remain free and out of jail while his or her […]

Florida Voluntary Manslaughter Laws

Under Florida law, manslaughter involves the killing of a human being that does not fit within the definition of murder or felony murder. Murder generally involves either a “depraved heart,” “reckless disregard for human life,” while felony murder is a murder committed during the commission or attempted commission of a felony. Manslaughter, however, is categorized […]

Florida Moving Violations Versus Criminal Traffic Violations

Nothing makes Florida drivers more anxious than seeing the flashing red and blue lights of a police squad car in their rearview mirrors. Under Florida law, drivers may incur moving violations or criminal traffic violations, and criminal traffic violations are the more serious of the two. Moving Violations Under Florida law, a moving violation – […]