What Is “Aiding and Abetting” in Florida?

Under Florida law, the term “aiding and abetting” can be misleading. In order to understand the legal concept of aiding and abetting, you must first understand the different categorizations of criminal conduct. If you commit a crime (let’s say robbery) and were the primary actor in that crime (you held the gun and demanded the money), […]

Can You Have Your Warrant Recalled?

It’s never good news to hear you have a warrant out for your arrest or for the search of your home, especially if you believe the warrant is unjustified or was issued in violation of your constitutional rights. The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution states that “no warrants shall issue, but upon probable […]

Statutory Rape in Florida

Statutory rape differs from the traditional definition of rape in that it is based on the premise that minors do not have the mental and emotional capacity to consent to certain sexual activities, especially if the offender is older than the minor. For example, under Florida law, “[a] person 24 years of age or older […]

A Spring Break Arrest Can Have Long-term Consequences

From Miami to Orlando to Fort Lauderdale, Florida has always been the place to be for spring breakers over the years. Florida’s beautiful beaches are the perfect place for college students to unwind mid-way through their spring semesters – usually during the months of March or April. However, a relaxing and enjoyable break can turn […]

Can You Have Your Probation Terminated Early?

The good news about probation in Florida is that it is not a conviction. However, any violation of probation, whether it involves a failure to pay fines or costs, leaving the country, violating a curfew, or testing positive for drugs, can result in harsh consequences. The most common consequence of violating one’s probation is the […]