Do You Have to Allow Police to Search Your Car?

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects citizens from unlawful search and seizure. Pursuant to this rule, the police generally cannot search your car unless they have a warrant. However, there are several judicially-created exceptions to this rule. This is due to the Supreme Court’s theory of “reasonable expectation of privacy.” Under this […]

Should You Answer Questions from the Police?

The general rule of thumb when dealing with the police is that you should not say anything if you suspect that you may be implicated in a crime. In fact, the Fifth Amendment guarantees your right to remain silent in the face of police questioning. If you are taken into custody, the police are required […]

What is a Preliminary Hearing in a Criminal Case?

A criminal court case consists of more steps than just a trial – there are several steps a defendant and his or her lawyers must make before a case even gets to trial. The classic criminal case begins with an arrest and then moves to the preliminary hearing state. A preliminary hearing–also known as a […]

Is Marijuana Legal in Florida?

The subject of the legalization of marijuana has become a hot-button issue in recent years, with several states legalizing it for medical usage, and a few even legalizing it for recreational use. While marijuana usage for recreational purposes is still illegal in Florida, the Florida legislature approved the use of low-THC and non-smoked cannabis for […]

Your Miranda Rights – What You Need to Know

Under both the Florida Constitution and the Constitution of the United States, in a criminal matter, a person may not be compelled to testify as a witness against himself in a criminal interrogation or prosecution. If you have been charged with a crime, prior to any interrogation or questioning, it is essential that you assert […]

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Minor Theft Case?

Theft encompasses many different crimes under Florida law. Minor thefts – or ‘petit thefts,’ as they are sometimes called – are less serious theft crimes, such as shoplifting. The charges and possible penalties in theft cases are based upon the property stolen. Generally speaking, a theft is classified as a ‘petit theft’ when the property stolen […]

How Penalties for Drug Crimes Can be Enhanced

Any criminal charge or allegation related to possession or distribution of illicit drugs has the potential for harsh legal penalties and consequences. However, some drug charges have more serious penalties associated with them than others. Florida views drug charges seriously, and, upon conviction, offenders may be saddled with fines, courts costs, and jail time. It […]

The Professional Impact of a DUI: Consequences for Consideration

Government employees and professional drivers are not the only ones whose careers may suffer as the result of a Florida DUI conviction.  Any conviction, even a misdemeanor, can result in difficulties during the job application process, however, few people consider how a conviction might impact their current positions and careers. Florida DUI Classifications Whether your […]