Five Florida Driving Laws You Might Not Know

Driving in Florida may seem no different than driving in other states. However, if you do not stay up-to-date with the law, you might be unaware of certain regulations and how they affect you. Here are five laws that Florida drivers may not know. Collision with an Unattended Vehicle or Damaging an Object with Your […]

What Happens If I Get a Ticket in a School Zone?

If you are pulled over for speeding and the officer gives you a ticket, you are being fined for violating traffic laws. The amount of the fine is directly related to how much over the speed limit that the officer reports you were traveling. However, the fine is doubled if an officer issues the ticket […]

Five Ways You Can Get a Ticket on Your Bike

Many think that bicycles do not fall under the same rules as cars and that cyclists cannot receive a ticket. However, this is not the case. The following behaviors might result in a ticket, regardless of the mode of transportation. Riding Through a Stop Sign This is probably the most basic offense. Cyclists are not […]

Can I Get a DUI on Private Property?

Although many feel protected from the consequences of a DUI charge if they stay on private property, this might be a false sense of security. Unfortunately, Florida uses a broad definition of driving under the influence, and the law does not differ whether the infraction occurs on private property or not. According to Florida statutes, […]

Can the Police Use Twitter to Track My Location?

The advent of new technology and the heightened use of social media has brought on a new era in criminal justice. Police today are more savvy than ever, using every tool at their disposal to investigate crimes. With this in mind, many have questions about just how far the police can go to make arrests […]

Penalties for Failing to Appear for Jury Duty

Wherever you live, there is a good chance you will be called for jury duty at some point. This is something that should be taken seriously. Nonetheless, serving on a jury is not easy or convenient for everyone. In certain situations, jury duty can cause people hardship. Florida law views jury duty as an obligation […]

What Are the Penalties for Perjury?

Most people are aware of the crime of perjury and could probably define it as lying under oath in a court proceeding. However, the legal definition of perjury is stricter and more complicated than the definition would suggest. The ways that perjury is identified, prosecuted and punished vary and are based upon the exact circumstances […]

License Suspended in Another State: Can I Still Drive in Florida?

The State of Florida has strict rules about driving on a suspended license, yet many people only believe those rules apply if they have a Florida driver’s license. In fact, license suspension is shared among all 50 states and if your license is suspended in another state, you should not get behind the wheel of […]

What Is Petit Theft?

Should someone in the state of Florida knowingly use another person’s property with criminal intent, they have committed theft. This can result from a desire to keep a person from property they own and deprive them of the use of it. It is also illegal to obtain property for use by a person who is […]

Five Fraud Scams You Need to Know

According to a 2014 Federal Trade Commission report, Florida leads the nation in fraud complaints with nearly 1,000 per 100,000 residents in the state. Some experts believe that the high number of retirees in the state, who are often more susceptible to scams than younger people, is the reason for the high fraud rates in […]