Open Container Laws in Tampa Bay: What to Know

In Florida, there are restrictions on possession of an open container of alcohol. The City of Tampa has also adopted open container restrictions that apply to every area within the Tampa city limits. Violations of the Florida law or Tampa ordinance may result in financial penalties. With the holiday season, and accompanying festivities, fast approaching, […]

What to Know About Synthetic Drug Laws

Synthetic drugs are illegal in Florida. The law is simple: if it is synthetic, it is illegal. You cannot buy synthetic drugs, sell them or ingest them. If you do so, you are committing a minimum of a misdemeanor and possibly a felony. Any Synthetic Drug Can Get You Charged In the past, Florida could […]

What Is Resisting Arrest?

In Florida, resisting arrest involves non-violent actions to interfere with a police officer’s ability to perform a lawful function. According to section 843.02 of the Florida Statutes, “Whoever shall resist, obstruct, or oppose any officer…or other person legally authorized to execute process in the execution of legal process or in the lawful execution of any […]

What Are the Penalties for Selling Counterfeit Drugs?

In most states, including Florida, it is illegal to sell a substance as an illegal drug, even if the actual substance is legal. Selling anything that you claim to be an illegal drug, real or not, is still considered a drug crime. However, as a secondary offense, this is also considered to be criminal fraud […]

5 Florida Laws You Might Not Know

Every state has a few unusual laws in its statutes and municipal codes, and the Sunshine State is no exception. You may not be familiar with the following five laws, but they were passed by legislatures or municipal councils and enacted by higher offices. 1 – Chapter 826 on Bigamy All states have statutes that […]

Can The Police Question My Child Without My Permission?

Police are not required to contact you or get your permission before they question your child about a crime. In fact, they can begin questioning without your knowledge. Issues could arise about the rights your child might invoke before questioning starts and his or her age at that time. The Right to a Parent Being […]

Multilevel Marketing vs. Pyramid Schemes

Today, many multilevel marketing, or MLM, programs operate legitimately. Problems occur when the design of a sales program violates laws prohibiting pyramid schemes. Sometimes Florida residents find distinguishing legal MLMs from scams, such as pyramid schemes, confusing. Why Pyramid Schemes Pose Problems Laws exist in Florida and the federal government prohibiting pyramid schemes because these […]

Know Your Rights: Search-and-Seizure Law

When police stop people or ask to search their cars or homes, it is important for them to understand their rights. State and federal laws place limits on the manner in which police conduct seizures and searches. Florida has adopted the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment limitations on searches and seizures into its own constitution at […]

5 Things to Know About Sobriety Checkpoints

Before holiday weekends, police will often route cars through roadside sobriety checkpoints. Police detain drivers, regardless of whether they have committed any offense or not, at these checkpoints for a short period. Although sobriety checkpoints are legal, many people feel this inconvenience violates their Fourth Amendment rights. Objective of Sobriety Checkpoints The goal of sobriety […]

What are the Penalties for a Dine and Dash?

The dine and dash is nothing new anywhere in the country, but it happens so often in Florida that the legislature specifically made it a crime. Florida Statute 509.151(1) makes it illegal to obtain food at any foodservice establishment with the intent to defraud the operator. The offense is commonly known as defrauding an innkeeper. […]