Does Florida Have the Death Penalty?

Yes, Florida has the death penalty. According to the national Death Penalty Information Center, Florida is one of 34 states that allow capital punishment. Florida’s decision to enforce the death penalty was re-enacted in 1976. The governor of Florida has granted six fortunate people with clemency over the years. Ninety executions have taken place since […]

What Is Money Laundering?

The term “money laundering” derives from organized crime use of legitimate businesses, such as laundromats, to hide income from illegal activities. Laundromat income was used to mask cash-generating illegal activities such as gambling, drugs, weapons sales, or prostitution. Money laundering includes a variety of methods practiced to obscure the origin of money obtained from illegal […]

5 Things To Know If You Get Arrested For Drug Possession

Getting arrested for drug possession in Florida is a very serious matter. One of the most common controlled substance charges is possession of pain medication without a prescription, which is a felony charge. Most drug possession charges in the state of Florida are prosecuted as felonies, but each case is unique with respect to the […]

Will I Lose My License if I Get a DUI?

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, nearly 76 percent of all Florida residents who are of legal driving age are licensed drivers. If you are like the majority of Florida residents, you probably depend on your license for multiple things, such as getting to work, going to school and running errands. If you have been […]

What Is Restitution?

Consider this scenario: the defendant has stolen an expensive watch from an individual. The individual wants the watch back, but the defendant has already sold the watch and can no longer locate it. Since the court cannot order the defendant to return the stolen watch, the court instead orders the defendant to pay the the […]

Five Facts About Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud is a criminal act that costs the federal health care program billions of dollars in false claims every year. It involves an individual or entity billing the program for medical services that the patient did not receive. This wasted money causes an increase in overall healthcare costs and taxes across the country. There […]

What is the Insanity Defense?

When taking a case to trial, one may be found guilty or in the alternative, if the facts are present, a defendant may be found guilty by reason of insanity. This verdict essentially states that the Defendant committed the crime. However, at the time that the crime was committed, they were not responsible for their […]

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

Being convicted of a DUI charge comes with many repercussions. Besides facing potential jail time, steep fines, and a tarnished reputation, your driving privileges can be impeded or revoked. Often, individuals who are convicted of a DUI charge may have to use an Ignition Interlock Device, or IID for short. Put simply, this device is […]

Open Container Laws: What You Need to Know

Many states, including Florida, have what what are known as open container laws. These laws typically prohibit having open containers that contain, or once contained, alcoholic beverages. Different Florida counties or municipalities may adopt an ordinance that imposes more stringent restrictions on the possession of alcoholic beverages, such as on beaches or public property, but […]

Can I Refuse a DUI Test in Florida?

Being pulled over by the police can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are under suspicion of a DUI. Many drivers believe that refusing an alcohol test in the state of Florida might save them from a DUI conviction. However, Florida has what’s called an “implied consent” law, meaning you already gave consent for […]