What Is Attorney-Client Privilege?

In the judicial system, defendants should feel confident in trusting in their attorneys. That is why the attorney-client privilege was created. Similar to “doctor-patient confidentiality,” attorney-client privilege ensures that communication between an attorney and their client is confidential. The attorney-client privilege is one of the most honored and respected rules in the judicial system. What […]

What Is Drug Paraphernalia?

Drug paraphernalia is a broad term used to describe any equipment, product or material that is primarily intended for introducing an illegal controlled substance into the human body. Typically used or recreational purposes, possessing drug paraphernalia can have serious consequences if an individual is convicted. What is Considered Drug Paraphernalia? Many items can be considered […]

Floridians May See Medical Marijuana on 2016 Ballot

This past November, many Floridians were disappointed when Proposition 2, the amendment that would legalize medical marijuana in the state of Florida, failed to pass. The proposition needed at least 60 percent to pass, but fell short by only 2 percent. However, supporters for medical marijuana have already started gearing up for the next election, […]

Can Police Use Something On My Facebook as Evidence?

Research shows that as of October 2013, more than 500 million people use Facebook. The popular social media outlet allows users to post statuses, photos and share details regarding their personal life. While Facebook can be a great tool for keeping in touch with friends and family, some users essentially turn their profiles into public […]

Can I Be Arrested For Buying Drugs Online?

The Internet has revolutionized the way we shop. Now, we do not even have to leave the house to order a pizza or buy a pair of shoes. But while the web has made our lives more convenient, online shopping has also created potential legal problems. Now more than ever, companies are sending prescription drugs […]

Can I Get a DUI For Driving on Prescription Medication?

When most people think of a driving under the influence (DUI) charge, they think of alcohol. However, any substance that can leave you “impaired” could land you with a DUI charge, even if it was prescribed to you by a doctor. Learn the laws of DUI charges in Florida and find out what medications may […]

Can My Child Be Put on Probation?

If your child has been charged with a crime and has been ordered probation, it is likely an extremely stressful time full of uncertainty. You may be wondering, “What happens next? What does probation mean for my child? Will my child’s future be jeopardized?” If your child is placed on probation, here is what he […]

My Record Is Clean, So Why Is My Mugshot Still Online?

The simple days before Google and other search engines existed are long gone. Now, it is hard to do anything without some trace of it showing up on the Internet. But while a picture of you partying with your friends might embarrass you when it shows up on your Facebook feed, it will not tarnish […]

How Do I Withdraw a Plea?

Many times, those who decide to plead guilty or no contest later regret their decision. They are afraid of trial, and believe that entering a guilty plea is this best option. However, many defendants later regret their decision. They are left wondering if and how they can withdraw their guilty plea. Can I Withdraw My […]

What Is the Florida Three Strikes Law?

The Florida three strikes law was imposed in an effort to inflict harsher penalties on habitual offenders who have been convicted of three or more serious criminal offenses. Through the three strikes law, habitual offenders face physical incapacitation via imprisonment so they cannot continue committing serious crimes. Florida Three Strikes Law With the name stemming […]