What Is Fruit of the Poisonous Tree?

Evidence is one of the most important facets of all legal matters—sometimes, it is the evidence that makes or breaks the entire case. While obtaining evidence is essential to proving an individual’s innocence or guilt, the evidence must be obtained legally. When evidence is not obtained legally, it can fall under the “Fruit of the […]

How to Prepare for Your Legal Consultation

If you have been involved in a matter with the law, you will likely meet with your attorney for an initial consultation. This initial consultation is extremely important in order for your attorney to get a feel for your specific case and situation so he or she can devise a strategic plan and ultimately defend […]

What Is Alternative Sentencing?

When an individual commits a crime, some sort of punishment is expected. While jail time is the image that conjures up in the minds of most people, there are many types of alternative sentencing. Alternative sentencing is any type of sentencing besides jail or prison time and is typically imposed when an individual commits a […]

What Are the Possible Outcomes of My DUI Case?

Because of the dangerous nature of DUI cases, Florida has severe penalties for those who are caught drinking and driving. Serious fines, loss of driving privileges and even jail time are all possible outcomes for those who drive while under the influence. Here are just some of the possible outcomes of a DUI case. Fines […]

What Are My Rights While on Probation?

Sometimes when an individual is facing legal troubles, he or she may be given probation by a judge. As a type of alternative sentencing, probation may be given after a person serves time in jail or to instead of incarceration. While probation can come with strict terms and conditions, probation can ultimately be a second […]

How Can an Attorney Help: Drug Crimes

A drug charge is a very serious crime that can have a very negative impact on your life. Even if you are only facing a misdemeanor, you could still be at risk of jail time, probation, and expensive fines. Hiring an experienced and dedicated attorney is the best way to fight for your freedom and […]

What is Suppressing Evidence?

When preparing for your trial, your attorney will closely review your case files, including your police report. While reviewing the facts, your attorney may notice that some of the evidence against you was obtained as a result of illegal or unconstitutional police activity. If this is the case, then your attorney may file motion to […]