The 9 Stages of a Standard Criminal Case

After you have been arrested, a person wonders what happens next in the criminal justice system. While each case is different, most criminal cases follow the same due process. Many cases do not make it to trial because of plea bargains, motions to dismiss and other elements. However, if a case does make it to […]

What Is the Stop and Frisk Law?

Stopping and detaining suspects in public are two of the many tools used by police to catch criminals. This is why Florida has what is known as the “Stop and Frisk” law. It allows law enforcement to question and search individuals who they suspect of committing a crime. While controversy surrounds this law, it is […]

Am I Liable if Someone Else Gets In an Accident With My Car?

We all do it—your sister needs to make a trip to the grocery store, a friend needs to run an errand—but they need to borrow your car. Seems harmless right? After all, they are responsible, licensed drivers and would never get into an accident. Think again! Accidents happen, regardless of how responsible we might be, […]

Statute of Limitations Florida Criminal Law

Statutes of limitations can be either federal or state laws that place a restriction on the amount of time that can pass between a crime being committed and a person being charged with that crime. Once the allotted time has passed, charges cannot be brought against the person accused of committing the crime. Generally, the […]

How Do I View My Criminal Record?

Any individual who has ever been arrested or convicted has some sort of criminal record. This record is publicly available and may include anything from felonies to simple traffic violations. If you have been arrested or convicted and have a criminal record, it is important to know what is listed on your record. This is […]

Can You Get a DUI On a Bicycle in Florida?

It is common sense that driving a car or other motorized vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is unacceptable—but what about riding a bicycle? While it is clearly a bad idea to operate any kind of mechanical transportation, motorized or not, riding a bicycle while under the influence sometimes seems to fall […]

How Do I Reach a Plea Bargain?

Criminal cases are settled with plea bargains each day. For less serious criminal matters, plea bargaining can be a good option for defendants who want to avoid the uncertainty of going to trial and save time and money in the process. What is a Plea Bargain? A plea bargain, also known as a plea deal […]

Know Your Rights: The Fourth Amendment

The only way you can protect your rights is by knowing them. The United States Constitution was created to serve and protect the rights of American citizens. This is why the Constitution is the most important legal document to understand if you want to guard your rights. In this blog, we will be covering the […]

Can I Get Deported for My Crime?

Hundreds of thousands of people immigrate to the United States annually. Because gaining access in the United States can be challenging, it is important that immigrant residents do not face any legal trouble that could jeopardize this process. Even if someone has a non-immigrant visa or a green card, facing criminal charges could potentially be […]

What is a Juvenile Diversion Program?

When young adults commit a low-level offense on a one-time occasion, traditional forms of incarceration can seem extreme. While the offense may not warrant jail time, if the crime still deserves some type of sentencing, a diversion program may be a good option. What is Diversion? Typically reserved for youthful offenders and young adults, diversion […]