“When I first met Rohom, my life was nearly over. I was facing a lengthy prison sentence for DUI manslaughter, in addition to, multiple misdemeanor and felony charges all stemming from a DUI. Rohom’s hard work, attentiveness to minute details, and dedication put towards to my case resulted in an avoidance of any jail or prison time, as well as, any felony convictions.

I retained Rohom to represent me after getting charged with a DUI. This DUI charge resulted in a violation of my original felony probation. After previously having a favorable outcome in a prior case, I knew Rohom would be the only one that could successfully get me out of the bind I was in. He has a no-frills approach, which is evident in court. He walked me through every scenario possible in both of the individual cases and assured me that we would get though the process together. He always made time to answer any questions or concerns I had. While I was incarcerated waiting to go to court, he continued vigorously to fight for my freedom while keeping me informed and updated on what was happening. Yet again, Rohom came through. His knowledge of the legal system and his dedication to my case allowed me to avoid a lengthy prison sentence, my felony probation was reinstated, and my DUI was resolved.”

– Eric

Rohom handled my speeding tickets promptly and efficiently.  I did not have to take any time off work, and his assistance on these matters allowed for no inconvenience to me and my busy schedule!  A had a great experience with Rohom and am very thankful for his great work!

–  Tara

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