When Can I Use Lethal Force Against a Trespasser?

There is a lot of discussion around the nation about average citizens using justifiable lethal force against those who seek to do them harm. To many, defending property using lethal force seems excessive, while proponents argue that these laws protect the innocent. The Florida Legislature allows property owners to “stand their ground” against trespassers, and […]

What to Do During a Traffic Stop If You Have a Concealed Weapons Permit

Most traffic stops are routine and end without a negative confrontation. It is common for Florida drivers to leave the scene with a mere warning, or at worst, a traffic infraction. More serious traffic stops occur, for example, when an officer catches someone with outstanding arrest warrants and takes them into custody. For police officers, […]

Know Your Rights: The Sixth Amendment

Under the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution, the Sixth Amendment guarantees citizens specific rights should they become criminal defendants. Some of the rights provided in the amendment are well known, such as the right to a speedy and public trial as well as the ability to confront witnesses. However, not everyone knows […]

What to Do if Officers Want to Search My House

Courts recognize and respect the privacy of personal property, which means there are limitations on whether police can search a home. Unless they are responding to an emergency, the police are not allowed to enter a home without a warrant or consent. Yet, despite the protection the law provides, police still might enter a home, […]