Did You Violate Your Probation?

Under Florida law, violating one’s criminal probation can come with very serious penalties and consequences. It is also important to note that in probation violation cases, the State—or the prosecution—has a much lower burden of proof than in other criminal cases, and there are fewer procedural hurdles and constitutional restrictions to overcome in a violation […]

Open Container Laws in Tampa Bay: What to Know

In Florida, there are restrictions on possession of an open container of alcohol. The City of Tampa has also adopted open container restrictions that apply to every area within the Tampa city limits. Violations of the Florida law or Tampa ordinance may result in financial penalties. With the holiday season, and accompanying festivities, fast approaching, […]

5 Florida Laws You Might Not Know

Every state has a few unusual laws in its statutes and municipal codes, and the Sunshine State is no exception. You may not be familiar with the following five laws, but they were passed by legislatures or municipal councils and enacted by higher offices. 1 – Chapter 826 on Bigamy All states have statutes that […]

Recent Product Recalls You Might Not Know About

Faulty products at home, in the garage, or at the office can lead to serious injuries and unpredictable personal damages. Manufacturers must attempt to recall faulty products as soon as possible to limit owner or consumer damage. Here are some recent product recalls you might not know about: Car Airbags Takata added more makes and […]

I Was Arrested. Who Can See My Arrest Record?

Millions of people have been arrested with the charges being dismissed, or they were found not guilty in a trial. What they usually don’t realize is that records of their arrest still remain with local law enforcement, the Florida State Police and the FBI. Anybody can find your arrest record. Criminal record searches are most […]

5 Things To Know If You Get Arrested For Drug Possession

Getting arrested for drug possession in Florida is a very serious matter. One of the most common controlled substance charges is possession of pain medication without a prescription, which is a felony charge. Most drug possession charges in the state of Florida are prosecuted as felonies, but each case is unique with respect to the […]

What To Do If You’re Involved In a Hit-and-Run

If you are involved in an accident in Florida and you don’t remain at the scene to examine injuries to person or property, you have committed a “hit-and-run.” Continue reading to learn more about hit-and-run accidents and what to do. What are the Consequences of a Hit-and-Run? Your penalties for the crime will depend upon […]

Am I Free to Go?

Being stopped by a law enforcement officer can be a very unnerving experience, even if you have no concern of having violated the law. Recent news reports have demonstrated that interactions with law enforcement officers can sometimes, and often unnecessarily, escalate resulting in serious legal charges, confrontations, arrest and sometimes more serious consequences. Frequently these […]

Domestic Violence Statistics in Florida

Domestic Violence is a pattern of aggressive and coercive behaviors that one partner in a relationship uses to gain power or control over the other. This type of abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, economic or psychological. The behaviors exhibited in domestic violence cases are intended to intimidate, manipulate, threaten, isolate, frighten, coerce or injure […]

How Your Criminal Record is Affecting Your College Application

Applying for college should be an exciting and memorable time in every young person’s life. However, when you have a criminal record, applying for college can be less exciting, and more stressful. No one should have their future threatened by one mistake they made in their past. If you are getting ready to further your […]