Can I Get a DUI on Private Property?

Although many feel protected from the consequences of a DUI charge if they stay on private property, this might be a false sense of security. Unfortunately, Florida uses a broad definition of driving under the influence, and the law does not differ whether the infraction occurs on private property or not. According to Florida statutes, […]

What to Know About Synthetic Drug Laws

Synthetic drugs are illegal in Florida. The law is simple: if it is synthetic, it is illegal. You cannot buy synthetic drugs, sell them or ingest them. If you do so, you are committing a minimum of a misdemeanor and possibly a felony. Any Synthetic Drug Can Get You Charged In the past, Florida could […]

5 Things to Know About Sobriety Checkpoints

Before holiday weekends, police will often route cars through roadside sobriety checkpoints. Police detain drivers, regardless of whether they have committed any offense or not, at these checkpoints for a short period. Although sobriety checkpoints are legal, many people feel this inconvenience violates their Fourth Amendment rights. Objective of Sobriety Checkpoints The goal of sobriety […]

What Does “Wet Reckless” Mean?

A “wet reckless” in Florida is usually the result of a plea negotiation between the prosecution and a person accused of driving under the influence. The person admits to driving recklessly after having consumed alcohol. A “dry reckless” does not involve alcohol and is the customary reckless driving charge when a DUI is not involved. […]

What Is an ETG Test?

One of the most common tests you can be given by a probation officer and potentially in the future when you are arrested on suspicion of a DUI – driving under the influence – is called an ETG test. This is something you should expect if you are on probation and have a condition to […]

Reckless Driving vs. Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence, or DUI, and reckless driving are entirely separate criminal charges, although they may occur together. As opposed to a DUI, reckless driving is a second degree misdemeanor with significantly lighter sentencing. Prosecutors are under no legal obligation to reduce a driving under the influence (DUI) charge to reckless driving, but they […]

What Happens if My Child Gets a DUI?

Being a parent means constantly trying to balance what is best for your child and allowing them to make their own decisions. So when your child is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, it can feel as though you have failed them. While you may feel disappointed in their choices, the important thing […]

Quick Facts About DUIs

Most people do not realize how the severity of DUI conviction can affect their personal lives. Many assume that they should admit to a DUI if arrested and just pay the fine. However, a DUI conviction involves much more than a fine. The State Of Florida Prosecutes DUI’s To The Fullest Extent In Florida, if […]

What are the Penalties for a BUI?

Many enjoy Florida’s wealth of water by using boats and jet skis. However, operating boats and other recreational watercraft under the influence of alcohol, or any other substance that causes mental impairment, can result in a BUI.   Boating under the influence (BUI) is a serious offense in Florida, and a BUI conviction can include […]

Will I Lose My License if I Get a DUI?

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, nearly 76 percent of all Florida residents who are of legal driving age are licensed drivers. If you are like the majority of Florida residents, you probably depend on your license for multiple things, such as getting to work, going to school and running errands. If you have been […]