Robbery vs. Theft

Florida treats both robbery and theft charges and convictions seriously, and a robbery conviction has the potential to land a criminal defendant in jail for many years. If you have been charged with robbery or theft in Florida, you need experienced legal counsel on your side advocating for your rights every step of the way. […]

Can the Police Look in the Windows of Your Home?

Pursuant to the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, with few exceptions, any police officer who conducts a search of a person’s home or vehicle must first obtain a search warrant (or the owner of the property must have validly consented to the search). To issue a search warrant, probable cause must exist that criminal […]

What are the Penalties for Looting in Florida?

During Hurricane Irma, Florida police arrested several people for breaking through windows, breaking down doors, and looting stores, despite officers’ warnings to stay at home and look after their loved ones. Many of these looters were charged with burglary under Florida law. Florida and most other states view looting and burglary charges seriously, and offenders […]

Can Manslaughter Be a Misdemeanor

Under Florida law, manslaughter involves the killing of a human being that does not fit within the definition of murder or felony-murder. Murder generally involves either a “depraved heart,” “reckless disregard for human life,” or felony-murder, which is a murder committed during the commission or attempted commission of an inherently dangerous felony. Manslaughter, however, is […]

How a Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Imprisonment

A criminal defense lawyer may help you avoid incarceration in your criminal case by asserting good legal defenses to your charges or reaching a favorable plea deal with the prosecution. In some cases, the prosecution may agree to a period of criminal probation to keep you from being incarcerated. Criminal probation in Florida is not […]

Can a Probation Violation Be Dismissed?

Following a misdemeanor or felony conviction, a Florida judge may impose probation instead of—or in addition to—incarceration in a county jail or state prison. However, a probation sentence requires the offender to comply fully with all of the terms of the probation. These conditions usually include some or all of the following: Mandatory restitution or […]

Can an Assault Conviction be Expunged?

Unfortunately, a criminal record can have a serious impact on your ability to find a job, find a decent place to live, or gain admission to the college or university of your choice. In some cases, however, depending upon the nature and circumstances of the offense, you may be eligible to seal or expunge a […]

The Juice is (Almost) Loose: Parole and Probation Violations

On July 20th of this year, one of the most noted parole hearings in recent memory resulted in former NFL-player and actor O.J. Simpson winning his case for freedom. O.J., who was convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon, served the minimum amount of his 33-year sentence and could be released […]

All About House Arrest: Looking at Florida’s Community Control Program

When you hear the words “house arrest,” what comes to mind? You may first think of a colloquial use of the term, meaning to ground an unruly teenager. Alternately, images of Lindsay Lohan or Bernie Madoff may come to mind, celebrities who were given a proverbial slap on the wrist by the courts because of […]