When Can I Claim Self-Defense?

Everyone has the legal right to protect themselves from harm if they believe they are in danger. If you believe that someone is about to hurt you, you can use force to protect yourself, even if that force would be considered unlawful assault under other circumstances. However, in too many situations, people who exercise self-defense […]

The Criminal Trial Process

If you decide to take your criminal case to trial, the following is a very brief overview of what you will experience in the trial process: Pretrial motions – Before you ever enter the courtroom, your attorney will be filing motions1 with the court to keep out certain evidence and to combat any pretrial motions […]

How Does an Ankle Bracelet Work?

Along with an increasing drive to lower the Florida prison population has come renewed interest in ankle bracelets. It is becoming more common to see people wearing these devices. Many wonder exactly how these devices work. The Purpose of Ankle Bracelets and House Confinement The primary purpose of electronic monitoring is to limit the mobility […]

What NOT to Do If You Are Pulled Over for a DUI

When a driver is pulled over for a suspected DUI, it is not uncommon to see them make mistakes or do something that actually damages their case. Since DUI charges can be life-altering, it is important to be prepared. Whether the driver has been drinking or not, there are some things they should not do. […]

Uncovering Juvenile Crime Myths

Crime is one of the most troubling and misunderstood aspects of our society. Unfortunately, public interest in memorable and frightening crime stories means the media often panders to these fears. Misunderstanding the causes and consequences of juvenile crime does a disservice to youth and damages society as a whole. Here are a few of the […]

Top Drug Crimes in Florida

In 2014, more than 1.5 million people were arrested on narcotic, or drug-related charges in the United States. Each year in the state of Florida, thousands of people face drug charges, which can result in loss of jobs, relationships and custody of children. Due to its expansive coastline, Florida is an ideal location for the […]

Probation Violations You Might Not Know

Those placed on probation might not fully comprehend the requirements they must fulfill during this period. The court takes probation seriously, and a probation officer will likely require offenders to adhere to a strict set of terms. If you are placed on probation, failure to comply means that you run the risk of violating your […]

Harassment vs. Assault: What’s The Difference?

Both harassment and assault are serious charges in Florida. It is important to know the difference between harassment and assault laws and penalties. A person accused of either harassment or assault will want to seek the services of a professional criminal defense attorney experienced in such cases. Harassment vs. Assault Laws in Florida Harassment under […]

Five Facts About Domestic Disputes

Domestic disputes in Florida may be called by other names such as domestic violence, intimate partner violence or spousal abuse. No matter the terminology, these activities can result in serious consequences. Here are some important facts about domestic disputes in Florida. #1 Domestic Violence Can Include More Than Physical Abuse Domestic violence is the use […]

Five Florida Driving Laws You Might Not Know

Driving in Florida may seem no different than driving in other states. However, if you do not stay up-to-date with the law, you might be unaware of certain regulations and how they affect you. Here are five laws that Florida drivers may not know. Collision with an Unattended Vehicle or Damaging an Object with Your […]