Murder v. Manslaughter: The Fine Line

Although both charges involve taking human life, the primary difference between murder and manslaughter boils down to planning and/or intent. For example, if you take a life because you were driving under the influence but had no intent to harm another, you will likely be charged with vehicular manslaughter. However, if you intended to use […]

Uncovering Juvenile Crime Myths

Crime is one of the most troubling and misunderstood aspects of our society. Unfortunately, public interest in memorable and frightening crime stories means the media often panders to these fears. Misunderstanding the causes and consequences of juvenile crime does a disservice to youth and damages society as a whole. Here are a few of the […]

Most Common Crimes That Occur During the Holidays

The holidays bring friends and families together in celebration and a spirit of giving. However, seasonal trends also lead to criminal activity. The following crimes occur most often during the holidays. Identity Theft While identity theft happens all year, increased spending by consumers makes the public particularly vulnerable during the holidays. Thieves work diligently online […]