Why There’s Much More to a Criminal Trial than Witness Testimony

A Florida criminal trial is oftentimes a complicated and lengthy process. However, contrary to what most people believe, there’s much more to a criminal trial than witness testimony that is presented on the witness stand. Other factors, such as the defendant’s conduct and body language on and off the stand, play a large role in […]

Criminal Probation in Florida: What You Need to Know

For most people, probation represents a second chance, but it is important to follow the terms of your probation, strictly. While you are not serving time in jail, it is still important to understand that the terms of your probation must be followed to the letter. Failing to do so could put you at risk […]

Is it Possible to “Pass” the Standard Field Sobriety Test?

What is the Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST)? The Standardized Field Sobriety Test, or “SFST,” is a battery of tests by law enforcement used to determine whether a person is under the influence of alcohol. The tasks used in the SFST include: Walk-and-Turn–Taking nine “heel-to-toe” steps in a straight line, then turning and walking in […]

Police Are on the Lookout for Drunk Drivers Around the 4th of July

Memorial Day has passed, and summer has unofficially arrived. Like Memorial Day, July 4th is a holiday when police officers are on the hunt for drunk drivers on the road in Florida.  It is important for drivers to know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to drinking alcohol and driving. Here are a few […]

Question: Can You Negotiate a Plea Bargain Without an Attorney?

The answer to the question is “maybe, but you probably should not.” Many people are reluctant to hire an attorney to help them settle their criminal case. If they do not see their case going to trial, they think they can handle a simple plea bargain on their own. Here are four reasons why that […]

4 Benefits of Having Your Florida Criminal Record Expunged

Many people have had experiences in the past that they wish they could erase. If you have blemishes on your criminal record, expungement might be an option for you. Here are four good reasons you should consider contacting a Florida criminal record expungement attorney today. Employment Everyone knows it can be difficult to find the […]

Am I a Shoplifter?

Pretend you are in your favorite retail store, and you notice a great clearance deal. You find a blue shirt that you really like in your size, but only the purple shirts are marked with the clearance price. So, you take a clearance tag from one of the purple shirts and stick it on the […]

See Spot Bite: Can You Be a Criminal for Your Dog’s Crimes?

Your dog, Spot, is peacefully playing ball with you at the park. Suddenly, a young man playing disc golf runs across his path, and Spot chases the man and bites him. Spot is normally a very gentle dog. Are you liable for such a bite? What about if the man was harassing Spot? What if […]

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