Statutory Rape in Florida

Statutory rape differs from the traditional definition of rape in that it is based on the premise that minors do not have the mental and emotional capacity to consent to certain sexual activities, especially if the offender is older than the minor. For example, under Florida law, “[a] person 24 years of age or older […]

Graduation Season Results in DUI Arrests

Graduation is a time for celebration as children begin to transition from childhood to young adulthood. For many teenagers who have survived the rigors of high school, graduation can make them feel invincible, and, in combination with a multitude of parties, this may drastically increase teen drinking and driving and their risk of being charged with […]

Are There Defenses to DUI if you “Blew?”

Florida DUI convictions can have serious ramifications. In the State of Florida, DWI and DUI convictions can result in heavy fines, loss of employment, limited job prospects, and even jail time. If you have been charged with a DUI offense, you want an experienced defense attorney in your corner representing you at every stage of your case. […]

A Spring Break Arrest Can Have Long-term Consequences

From Miami to Orlando to Fort Lauderdale, Florida has always been the place to be for spring breakers over the years. Florida’s beautiful beaches are the perfect place for college students to unwind mid-way through their spring semesters – usually during the months of March or April. However, a relaxing and enjoyable break can turn […]

What is Disorderly Conduct in Florida?

The purpose of disorderly conduct laws in Florida – otherwise known as ‘breach of the peace’ laws – is to regulate disruptive conduct that occurs in public places. Disorderly conduct offenses may be prosecuted as either misdemeanors or as felonies. Disturbing the peace charges are no joke, and the penalties can be severe. Consequently, you […]

Were Your Rights Violated at a DUI Stop?

Most of the time, the real reason why Florida police officers pull drivers over is not for texting, speeding, running a stop sign, or failing to use a turn signal. In most cases, the traffic stop occurs because the officer suspects that the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Pretextual traffic stops […]

The Benefits of Expungement

Records expungements can be extremely beneficial to criminal defendants on many different fronts. A complete records expungement means that a defendant’s criminal record is completely sealed or erased and is not ordinarily visible to the general public. As a result, post-expungement, a criminal defendant will not ordinarily have to report a criminal conviction to a […]

Can You Have Your Probation Terminated Early?

The good news about probation in Florida is that it is not a conviction. However, any violation of probation, whether it involves a failure to pay fines or costs, leaving the country, violating a curfew, or testing positive for drugs, can result in harsh consequences. The most common consequence of violating one’s probation is the […]

What Happens at a Criminal Trial

A Florida criminal trial can be a confusing process. In Florida, there are two types of trials: bench trials and jury trials. At a bench trial, the outcome of the case (usually a minor case) is decided by a judge, while six or more jurors decide the outcome of a jury trial. Most Florida trials […]

Three Things to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When people are charged with crimes in Florida and other places, they oftentimes do not know where to turn. In many cases, the person charged is not sure what they did, what they are charged with, what the law says, or what the possible sentences and penalties upon conviction are. In those instances, it is […]

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