Stolen Phone? Why GPS Tracking Can Lead to Bigger Problems

Nearly all modern mobile devices now come equipped with a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) chip. This location-tracking feature has many advantages, including locating a stolen device. This feature has created a new trend of vigilante, do-it-yourself style justice in which victims of phone theft are tracking down their stolen phones. However, it is important to […]

Probation Violations You Might Not Know

Those placed on probation might not fully comprehend the requirements they must fulfill during this period. The court takes probation seriously, and a probation officer will likely require offenders to adhere to a strict set of terms. If you are placed on probation, failure to comply means that you run the risk of violating your […]

Penalties for Riding a Bicycle While Intoxicated

In Florida, a bicycle is considered a vehicle and must follow the same traffic rules as any other vehicle on the road. The law that describes a motor vehicle in Florida reads “every device in, upon or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, excepting devices […]

Most Common Crimes That Occur During the Holidays

The holidays bring friends and families together in celebration and a spirit of giving. However, seasonal trends also lead to criminal activity. The following crimes occur most often during the holidays. Identity Theft While identity theft happens all year, increased spending by consumers makes the public particularly vulnerable during the holidays. Thieves work diligently online […]

Harassment vs. Assault: What’s The Difference?

Both harassment and assault are serious charges in Florida. It is important to know the difference between harassment and assault laws and penalties. A person accused of either harassment or assault will want to seek the services of a professional criminal defense attorney experienced in such cases. Harassment vs. Assault Laws in Florida Harassment under […]

Five Facts About Florida’s Stand Your Ground Statute

Although the acquittal of George Zimmerman might have happened several years ago, it spurred a renewed public interest into Florida’s “stand your ground” statute. Despite the fact that  Zimmerman’s attorneys did not use a “stand your ground” defense, the case opened the door for an intense debate regarding these laws, especially in Florida. Here are […]

Five Facts About Domestic Disputes

Domestic disputes in Florida may be called by other names such as domestic violence, intimate partner violence or spousal abuse. No matter the terminology, these activities can result in serious consequences. Here are some important facts about domestic disputes in Florida. #1 Domestic Violence Can Include More Than Physical Abuse Domestic violence is the use […]

What Is Obstruction of Justice?

In the state of Florida, there are several actions that can constitute obstruction of justice. Overall, someone who is guilty of obstruction of justice has interfered with the due process of the law in some way. They may have lied to investigators, interfered with a police officer who was arresting someone or destroyed evidence that […]

Does Florida Law Allow Sleeping in a Car?

There is no specific Florida law making it illegal to sleep in a car, but it can be illegal under certain circumstances. If you wish to sleep in your car, it is important to be in a safe place without parking restrictions or ordinances against sleeping in public. You Should Not Trespass While Sleeping in […]

Babysitters and Negligence Cases: What to Know

A parent’s worst nightmare is learning that their child has been hurt or injured. What parents and caregivers need to know is that a babysitter can be held accountable if a child becomes injured in their care. If an unfortunate situation involving a child care provider and a child occurs, legal action might ensue. Additionally, […]

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