Can I Withdraw My Guilty Plea?

Often, a plea bargain is an ideal resolution for a criminal defendant. You might plead guilty to a reduced charge and avoid prison. However, defendants sometimes change their minds and want to withdraw their guilty plea. In Florida, you can sometimes withdraw an earlier plea agreement, but a lot depends on timing. Withdrawing a Plea […]

Florida Doctor Sentenced for Health Care Fraud

In November, a Florida doctor was sentenced to a four-year prison term for health care fraud and money laundering. This case is a reminder that the federal government continues to pursue health care fraud aggressively and isn’t afraid to use its full resources to go after suspected scammers. Accused defendants will need a skilled health […]

What Is Hearsay?

A fundamental rule of criminal trials is that witnesses can only testify about what they saw or heard. When witnesses try to testify to second-hand information, they may be offering hearsay, which is generally prohibited. A skilled criminal defense attorney should lodge an appropriate objection asking the judge to exclude any hearsay testimony. Hearsay Defined […]

Were You the Victim of a Gallbladder Surgery Error?

Many people need to have their gallbladders removed for a variety of health reasons. The medical industry has developed a minimally invasive way of doing so by performing laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, and the vast majority of gallbladder removals use this technique. Laparoscopic procedures use specialized tools that only require small incisions, which can reduce bleeding […]

The Basics of Attorney-Client Privilege

If you’ve been accused of a crime, you might be tempted to talk about it with friends and family. You definitely shouldn’t. Anything you say can be used against you later in court. But there’s one person you can talk to – your criminal defense attorney. Anything you tell them is protected by attorney-client privilege, […]

Can a Bar Fight Lead to Jail Time?

You probably go to a bar to unwind from a long day, but after a bar fight, you might soon find yourself relaxing in jail. To protect yourself, you’ll need an experienced St. Petersburg criminal defense attorney who can analyze the evidence and come up with your best defense. Crimes You Might Commit A bar […]

Can I Exclude an Eyewitness Identification?

Nothing can be worse for a criminal defendant than to have a witness sit on the stand and identify you as the person who victimized them. However, in some situations, you can get an eyewitness identification thrown out of court by arguing that the identification procedure was unduly suggestive. If you succeed, you’ll help your […]

Alternative Sentencing Programs in Florida

The main purpose of the criminal justice system is to punish criminals, usually with fines or jail time. However, offenders sometimes need rehabilitation more than they need a few years of prison. And sometimes rehabilitating offenders costs the state a lot less money than housing and feeding prisoners. For these reasons, Florida sometimes makes alternative […]

What is Circumstantial Evidence?

How many times have you heard a person declare, “You can’t convict him! The evidence is only circumstantial!” What this person doesn’t understand is that circumstantial evidence is often more than enough to convict someone of a crime. In fact, circumstantial is often better evidence than direct evidence. Read on to understand what circumstantial evidence […]

When Can Your Probation Be Revoked?

Probation allows you to serve your sentence outside of jail and is a big help for those with families and jobs. Unfortunately, probation is a privilege, not a right, and the court can sometimes revoke it. If you’re afraid of losing your probation, contact a qualified St. Petersburg criminal defense attorney to advise you about […]